April 19, 2015

Not so long ago...

Not so long ago, it was the first day of spring. My world was buried in snow. But I promised you that in less than a month, that world would look different ...and it does! First thing you should do to see the difference is to stop reading, leave here right now,  and go to Gerry Patterson's site. Come on, come on, cliquez, cliquez!! When you come back I'll tell you the story.

You came back? Excellent! A few days ago, maybe it was even yesterday, my world did look different, and there were signs of spring:

The ice and snow are melting. Soon, hopefully, wood ducks and mergansers will be back, some using the boxes, maybe.

And this handsome guy is a surefire indicator of warmer weather. He bent the pole to the ground, ate all the birdseed and looks quite happy with the world. There were six feeders for his pleasure.

But... now it is indeed almost a month and the difference I spoke of has happened.


Gerry (you know this, you clicked there a few minutes ago) picked me up today at the Marseille airport, and delivered me, along with my bike and panniers, to my apartment in Montpellier. That was an extraordinarily generous thing for a friend to do and I could not be more appreciative.... Gerry? Yes, I know, many of my readers follow his blog. But really, all of you who have ever thought of, dreamed of, imagined yourself on a bike in southern France should follow his blog. Better yet, contact him when you are ready to put your bike wheels on  the beautiful little roads in France. It is the riding of a lifetime. Gerry, and John, lead brilliant, fun, exciting bike tours in southern France. And offer self-guided tours. Think: Mont Ventoux. Les Cévennes, The Alps, the Mediterranean, Languedoc. Venez!

But, back to ...me.  My apartment, you think? What apartment?  On that street? What's this? I don't rent apartments, I move. Every day.  Well, it is bedtime, I just arrived today, and am not yet even clear what day it is. More on that apartment soon.